Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paris Mis-Match

PARIS -- This weekend in the Marais, I came across an Iranian expat and three of his friends, all of whom work in the fashion industry. During a quick chat, we tried to characterize the fashion sense of the inhabitants of a few of our favorite fashion capitals. Here's what we got. Parisians: homogeneous. Londoners: individualistic (within a certain realm). New Yorkers: a tendency to wear their money. On Tehranis, we defer to you. Help us nail it in a word or two. Creative?


  1. salam. what an original idea to have started this blog. Unless you are writing from within Iran, it would be good to have a short bio section about you.

    ali in Paris

  2. in a word, Tehran fashion is *defiant* - vasalam - shod tamam!

  3. @Noushin: great one! vasalaam, indeed.

    @ali in Paris: thank you! yes, some of us are writing from iran, thus the cloak.

  4. love it. defiant is pretty much in everything we do in tehran.