Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lebas Eidi

TEHRAN, PARIS -- Iranians greet the new solar year decked out in new clothes. They wear the new outfit when they go eid didani, or when visiting family and relatives during the Nowruz holidays. In the old days, many people could not afford to buy new clothes throughout the year, so they would only make this special purchase for Nowruz, thus it became known as eid clothing (lebas eid), which is important for many Iranians.

editor at large: Did you get a new dress for Nowruz?

tehran editor: No, I didn't shop for Nowruz at all. I mean I didn't even think about it. But I gave my family clothes as their eid gift. I think clothes are more meaningful given as a present.

Did you get eid clothes?

editor at large: No, not at all. No time. Lacking the spirit. And it's expensive, especially here in Paris. What would you like to be wearing this season? Any favorite lines?

tehran editor: Well, I love bright colors particularly red and hopefully after the Nowruz celebrations when I find the time I'm gonna try and buy a few new colorful things. I'm a big fan of H&M and Express when it comes to jeans but I don't go for a specific line. I mainly choose dresses and wear them according to my own fashion sense.

editor at large: Has anything caught your eye online? I love this outfit from Celine's summer collection (pictured above).

tehran editor: I like your taste -- so chic ! I would buy the following (1, 2, 3, 4, ) because I'm a dress person, but then again I like to go find outfits and throw stuff together. There are many little shops that I like to visit and get stuff from.

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